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Training and Education

UNNATI aims to strengthen the capacity of board and staff members of Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (SACCOS) and District Savings and Credit Cooperative Union (DU) in Nepal to run the organization efficiently and to bring their organization ahead in their competitive position for the sustainability.

UNNATI has been offering demand based training to its members and non member SACCOS and DUs on fee basis. Beside training activities National and international exposures, workshop and seminar opportunities have also been provided to UNNATI members.

UNNATI is committed for making members professional through its training and education activities. Excellent service providing member organizations are the base of UNNATI sustainability. From the time ofUNNATI  inception, it has been providing various capacity building trainings to make better destination of financial solution of the SACCOS and their members. Training education program has been taken as ongoing education for the members.

  • Credit Union Manager Competency Course (CUMCC)
  • Credit Union Director Competency Course (CUDCC)
  • Credit Union Loan Officer Competency Course (CULCC)
  • TOT on Financial Literacy
  • Institutional Development Training (ID)
  • Business/ Strategic Planning Training
  • Financial Counseling Training
  • TOT on SACCOS Management

  • PEARLS Monitoring System Training
  • Loan Management Training
  • Policy Formulation Training
  • Annual Planning and Budgeting Training
  • Micro Finance Training
  • Good Governance Training

  • Pre-membership and SACCOS Orientation
  • Account Management Training
  • SACCOS Management Training
  • Leadership Development Training
  • Chair Capacity Enhancement training
  • Secretary Capacity Enhancement training
  • Treasurer Capacity Enhancement training
  • Account Supervisory Committee Capacity Enhancement training

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