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I was one of the part of initiating team when we proposed members self-regulation and stabilization fund, and on my leadership these two areas will be highlighted intensively and I hope and ensure the coordination with the different stakeholders and government would support this issues raised in the credit union management sector nowadays. I appeal government, federations, international agencies and members to contribute in this fund to develop … as secured financial destination of the community.

We as federation of Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies or Credit Unions, our continuation will be lobbying & advocacy, capacity enhancement, effective mobilization of our members’ financial resources, providing cooperative friendly software, provision of cooperative members’ security policy, access to microfinance to financially underserved groups and supplies of low-priced and quality stationery.

We do have challenges but together we can achieve and really support savings and credit movement in Nepal. I always follow the foot prints of founders and the movement leaders.

This year, we’ve invested significant effort into planning for the future: our new strategic framework (2013-2015), …Sustainability, UNNATI Sustainability, UNNATI Professionalization and Enhanced Financial Inclusion are the key strategic area geared at further improving operations and our ability to meet the needs. Action proves more than the words, so work together for better quality of services of UNNATI.

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