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Message from CEO

UNNATI- a national level apex networking of savings and credit cooperatives has been committed in promotion and growth of savings and credit cooperatives. Aligning with our vision “Sustainable Savings and Credit Cooperatives in Nepal”, we work to ensure financial sustainability, good governance, transparency, internal control system and institutionalization of all activities rendered by credit unions. Our focal areas are lobbying and advocacy, capacity enhancement through need based training, effective mobilization of our members’ financial resources by accepting savings and providing wholesale credits to needy members’ organization, providing cooperative friendly software, provision of members’ security policy to excluded groups, access to microfinance to vulnerable groups- particularly to women and supplies of economical and quality stationeries. We strive to provide exceptional, professional, and confident service to help people in need. With the growing number of members- our new challenge is to enhance capacity of affiliates and develop professionalism for competitive service and sustainability. We are dedicated to provide services, which are tailored as per client’s need.

We encourage our people to implement activity of ….and to support programs that make a positive difference. For this we define social goals, ensure management is committed to social goals, treat members responsibly, design need based products/services and balance financial & social performance. Our Social goal highlights “Value Based Professionalism for the Gross Happiness of Members”. We believe our member should work for gross happiness of individuals by thinking beyond profit making and financial transactions. If credit unions are unable to change lives of deprived households and empower them- it will be difficult to map out difference between traditional banks and credit unions. Besides, we believe blending of financial disciplines with international principles of cooperatives could be a way forward in …’s movement. The effectiveness of the program (…) had been encouraging in Nepal and around the globe.

During 2012 Asian Credit Union Forum held in Manila Philippines- five of our …was accredited by ACCESS brand (A1 Competitive Choice for Excellence in Service and Soundness-ACCESS) and by CUMI award (Credit Union Microfinance Innovation). ACCESS diagnostic tool measures with 86 indicators in four perspectives (Financial, Members, Internal Business and Learning and Growth). More than 30 additional ….have been showing interest to enroll in ACCESS program. Recently we have started PROBATION (Program for Building Absolute and Professionalism). PROBATION is a national level recognition, which measures ….using 55 indicators. Our future venture has been on improving lives of deprived families particularly farmers. All our actions represent our commitment to developing the financial solutions that underprivileged are looking for.

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Further, we have been implementing PROMISE (Protecting and Mainstreaming Informal Sector Safety Nets) project in remote far eastern and far western regions for promotion and institutionalization of informal groups. We are committed for this type of promotional and capacity enhancement program to continue in future in remote areas targeting deprived groups. Our dedication for membership growth, innovation of updated technology and building professionalism will continue in the days to come. Close monitoring and technical backstop supporting will be essential part for increasing scale and depth of outreach, financial efficiency, quality of services and sustainability.


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